Roose Primary School will be open as normal on Monday. The head teacher has been advised to self-isolate for 7 days and we are following County Council and government advice that we should stay open. Mrs Jacobs has not been tested as this is now only done if people are hospitalised. The school was cleaned on Friday. In-line with other schools, we are cancelling non-essential school activities but after-school clubs and swimming, will take place as usual. Year 6 parent meetings are cancelled and Miss Turnough will email parents with a summary about their child during the week. If you have any concerns you wish to speak to her about, please phone school. The Mother’s Day and Easter celebrations are also cancelled but the children have been working hard and we will attempt to put videos on the school website of the songs. If you or your family show signs of the corona virus please self-isolate for 7 days in-line with NHS advice.
Late last night the difficult decision was made to close the school today. This was because the head teacher displayed symptoms associated with the corona virus and became unwell. As a precaution, she made the decision to close the school to protect the welfare and health of staff, children and their families. We are currently taking advice from the county council and Public Health England. We will update parents over the weekend as soon as we have more information. Please see NHS website for advice if you have any concerns of symptoms. Thank you for your understanding.

Coronavirus Guidance